[READ FIRST] Reason of making this forum

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[READ FIRST] Reason of making this forum

Post by RaZZ on Sun Dec 13, 2009 4:44 am

I am sure you guys already know what is the purpose of this forum. But let me clarify the reasons so that everybody understands. Such reasons is:

- Share any information or event about anything that we should know as a students. Ex: Interview, Scholarship, Replacement Class, Class cancelled, etc.

- Can share/discuss assignment given by lecturer Razz

- Get to know each other especially our junior and senior. (so we can bodek for notes/lab report and such) Twisted Evil

- Easier communication among coursemate which I am sure not all of our coursemate we remember or even know their full name. (I am 1 of them pale )

- Finally, the hope that our bond as coursemate and friends never dies after graduation Sad

I think that`s all I could think of. Will update if have anything to add.
Thanks for registering in this forum and don`t forget to tell and invite other friend to join. Have Fun!! cheers


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