[READ FIRST] For First Time Forum User

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[READ FIRST] For First Time Forum User

Post by RaZZ on Sun Dec 13, 2009 3:24 pm

Good Evening all,

I know some of you never use or enter such forum community like this. I just need 2 minute of your precious time to read this TUTORIAL. Its a tutorial for new user about how to use this forum properly & effectively.

FIRST & FOREMOST, before you can use this forum, you must register your nickname. Please follow the tutorial given below:

1) Register
- To do this, please proceed to Register on the menu above OR simply click here.
- Read the forum terms of service (no need to read it actually) and press "I Agree to these terms".
- Enter your desired username, your email and email password. (no need to worry, I did not keep any password to myself. Only you know the password)
- The activation link will be given to your email directly in a few minutes. Please read the notice given if you cant find your activation link.
- Click the activation link in your email and you are officially the member of this forum! Very Happy

2) Post A New Topic
- Before you want to post anything, please make sure that you are posting in the right place. I have already categorized all necessary forum needed. If new forum is needed, I`ll be happy to add more.
- To post a New Topic, you have click this button
- From there, enter your Main Subject of your Topic discussion and Description. This two slot will represent your Topic as header.
- Now, you can explain in details about your topic. Starting from here, you can add smiley, image, link, videos, etc. You may also colourised, Bold, Italic, Underline, or Strike your words.
- Please notify that you can attach your signature at each of your post.
- Signature : What you want to add under each of your post. Your may put ads, info about yourself, your girl/boyfriend`s picture, or your CGPA maybe Razz . Let me show you mine:
[READ THIS] I know MOST people who join this forum VERY BLUR about how to use it. So, please click HERE!
- You can also Edit your post if anything goes wrong. Just press this button

3) Replying a Topic
- Basically, there is two ways to do this:
==>You can reply a post by using QUICK REPLY which is embedded at the bottom of every topic.
==>You can also click this button
- Then you can post a reply as usual.

4) Basic thing about forum
- Any Topic with this sign is forbidden for any user to reply any post here. Only Administrator and Moderator have to power to do so. This TOPIC LOCKED can only be done by Administrator and Moderator only.
- The use of QUOTE: This is use to take/copy a post from another user to paste in your post as references. Just click on this icon, or Example:
etia86 wrote:aku pun tak de.. ade sesiapa ada tak? Very Happy
- The use of PM : Stands for Private Message. If you want to PM somebody, press this button under his/her profile name at the righthand-side of the post.
- If any new post arrived, this button will appear on corresponding thread

I think that`s all I can think of. If you got any enquires or question, just drop the question here. Suggestion would be helpful. One more thing, if anyone interested in making signature like mine, please inform and I will make a tutorial for it Very Happy

Hopefully this helps all the newbie and enjoy foruming Razz

P/S: Please leave or comment if you like it blushing


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